de quarterly

de quarterly is published by Japanese digital publisher epjp, the inaugural issue of a Japanese digital design quarterly which explores the history of design from a contemporary vantage.

As a design magazine, de’s subject is an aesthetic sensibility that was born and nurtured by the Japanese quotidian, and can be seen in the ways that cutting edge design practices incorporate the traditional (timeless) and contemporary (timely). This inaugural preview issue (#0) takes on the subject of “Books as Technology,” cutting a broad swath through 1000 years of history while investigating everything from 12th century “Tale of Genji” scrolls to the 21st century graphic design of David Carson.

To some extent, de is an experiment which could only be attempted in digital form. This inaugural preview issue (#0) presents a “layered layout,” wherein the text has been folded into multiple layers of images. This affords the reader a number of reading experiences—each page can be enjoyed as a single composition, layers can be dragged to one side in order to expose text, and images can be isolated for individual consumption.

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