LJ Plus

LifeStyle Journal “優雅生活”, also known as LJ, is a bi-weekly magazine published by the Hong Kong Economic Journal. Launched in March 2008, LJ is a showcase for enlightened luxury and lifestyle. We cover fashion, jewelry, watches, food and drinks, arts and culture, automobiles, health – and people. We recognize that educated and discerning readers with spending power aspire to certain things that add value and meaning to their lives.

Three years on, LJ is moving into a new phase with the launch of an iPad edition, LJ Plus. As an extension of our print edition, LJ Plus will continue to provide powerful visual images and impactful content with insight and depth. Exclusive interviews, casual and easy conversations, analysis on trends and events and special projects on our multimedia platform are just a few of our enhancements. In short, this is new media with a certain touch – something not to be missed.

Here is a snapshot of our content.

Aesthetics “優雅美學”

Through our multimedia platform, we present the latest trends and ideas on fashion, jewelry, watches and automobiles in a refreshing format, providing unmatched digital reading experience.

Bespoke “定制生活”

We take readers through the inner world of interesting people, tapping into their ideas and unique insights.

Collectible “鑑寶藏珍”

We present classic artworks in a new light, in a digital-age showcase, through the most exciting and innovative online platform of our time.

Desire “奢華慾望”

The pursuit of the good life is a natural instinct. We look for the most sophisticated and rarest objects of desire.

Edutainment “創意享樂”

Creation & Emotion are the two words that drive daily life more than most. Special guest editor is invited to lead each issue to stimulate ideas, inflame passion and generate bold and innovative thinking.

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