iLOOK Magazine

China’s original fashion magazine, iLOOK “世界都市” views fashion with its unique perspective and appreciates arts rich in contemporary sensibility. More importantly, iLook zooms in and showcases today’s Chinese designers who have demonstrated strong originality. Art, design and fashion are never separated entities. That is why iLOOK embraces sharp and unique viewpoints on fashion, art and design ,and offers a window for readers to trace their own attitude to life in reality.

iLOOK selects the most relevant and popular fashion topics of the day. They arrange from thematic focuses, original fashion shows, to special report columns that are dedicated to emerging Chinese designers, as well as the most popular Editor’s Notes by Hung Huang “洪晃“, the Editor-in-Chief of iLOOK.

iLOOK is committed to publicizing and broadcasting the emerging and rising Chinese original designing community. A free platform is offered to its readers on a monthly basis with all the best selected columns. When the world zooms in on the rising China Power, iLOOK is right here with you. Enjoy!

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