Letter to Jane #02

Letter to Jane #02 – Late Autumn presents a new way to read magazines on the iPad. A clean and intuitive style that focuses on the content and not on recreating a print experience. The result is an app that feels closer to a natural iPad experience than before with nothing getting in the way between you and the image.

The new features are:

COPY AND SHARE: Simply press the “Text” button to bring up a pure text version of each article that allows for easy reading and the option to select and copy your favorite quote so you can share with friends.

EASY TO NAVIGATE: “Late Autumn” was designed specifically to help try and solve the issue with most iPad magazines: clumsy navigation. “Late Autumn” features easy intuitive controls without getting in the way of the reading experience.

GREAT ART, SMALL SIZE: Most magazine apps file size are way too bloated, but “Late Autumn” provides clever style that is fast and lightweight. The whole app comes in at under 30MB while still featuring some of the best photography and artwork from around the world.

LINKS: Swipe up from the bottom of the page to bring up a menu that lets you share online, and find more photos and videos of some of your favorite artists.

AD FREE: Late Autumn comes ad free with your purchase going to support independent publishing.

INPUT WELCOMED: It may not always be easy to get your ideas across to a publisher, but that is an advantage we have by being a small independent magazine. We want to hear your ideas and make the product better to please our readers.

Download it for $0.99 from iTunes App Store