POWER Platon

A new iPad application offers users a series of portraits of world leaders, all of which were shot by noted photographer Platon at the United Nations over the past year. Over 100 images in total, along with an introduction by

Colors Magazine

This application gives you access to the complete archive of Colors Magazine covers, and lets you download for free some of the best issues from the past 20 years. Established in 1991, under the editorship of Oliviero Toscani and Tibor

Letter to Jane #03

Letter to Jane is a Portland-based quarterly arts publication that provides a personal and in-depth look at contemporary art and pop culture. LETTER TO JANE gives artists an unfiltered platform for them to share their personal creative work and ideas

LIFE for iPad is the largest collection of professional and archival photography available online, providing users with access to a visual cascade of news, celebrities, travel, and classic photography. Combining more than 10 million contemporary and archival photographs, and featuring galleries curated

Letter to Jane #02

Letter to Jane #02 – Late Autumn presents a new way to read magazines on the iPad. A clean and intuitive style that focuses on the content and not on recreating a print experience. The result is an app that